Waste Transfer Station

The Naracoorte Waste Transfer Station is located at 201 Blackwell Road, Naracoorte

Hours of Operation

  • Monday:  10am–12pm
  • Tuesday:  10am–12pm
  • Wednesday:  10am–12pm
  • Thursday:  10am–12pm
  • Friday:  10am–12pm
  • Saturday:  Closed
  • Sunday:  12pm – 4pm

We apologise there is no phone available to contact the transfer station direct.  For any queries, please call the main office on 08 8762 4719 during Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 4.30pm

Closed on Christmas Day, Good Friday, Anzac Day & Total Fire Ban days

The Naracoorte Waste Transfer Station is operated by local business Enviro Tec SE Pty Ltd.

The Naracoorte Waste Transfer Station caters for various waste types including putrescible, green organics, recyclables, e-waste, hard waste, asbestos, steel, oil and DrumMuster (chemical drums).

The Waste Transfer Station accepts oil, steel and batteries free of charge.

You can now also take your unwanted x-rays to the Naracoorte Waste Transfer Station, Blackwell Road, Naracoorte or drop them into the Envirotec office, 14 Brighton Drive, Naracoorte.

Types of waste accepted at Council’s Waste Transfer Station



(conditions apply, please contact the office)

Organic material including lawn clippings, prunings and untreated timber

Hard waste including furniture and domestic quantities of building waste, dirt, rocks and concrete

Scrap metal including lawn mowers, washing machines and paint tins

E-waste including tvs, computers, microwaves, vacuums and kitchen appliances

Jars, bottles and cans

Cardboard and paper

General waste

Oil, steel, batteries - free


Gas bottles


Car parts

Household chemicals

Hazardous waste

Treated timber (creosote)

DID YOU KNOW – Other Types of Waste Accepted


DRUM-MUSTER is the single biggest environmental program ever undertaken jointly by farmers/end chemical users, Local Government and the Crop Production and Animal Health Industries.  The plastic and metal from drumMUSTER containers is all recycled into new products.

We participate in the drumMUSTER program that allows residents to return empty and cleaned farm chemical containers for recycling, please note:

• containers will be inspected on delivery before being accepted.

• containers with chemical residue cannot be accepted.

• only containers with a drumMuster logo will be accepted.

Empty and cleaned containers can be brought to Naracoorte Waste Transfer Station Monday to Friday

Disposal by appointment only



• Must not to be placed in any bin.

• Unlicenced persons can only remove less than 10m². Any area that is over this size must be done by a licenced person.

• Must be double wrapped in 200 micron plastic

• Must be accompanied with a weigh docket

• Must be in packs that can be lifted or on a pallet with a weight of no more than 400kg

Further enquiries contact us via Phone or Email

Disposal by appointment only


Did you know that DRY paint is perfectly safe to dispose of in your waste bin?

You can harden paint at home by simply leaving the lid off or by adding a paint hardener purchased from a hardware store.

Tap the hardened tablet of paint out of the tin and place in the waste bin. 

The empty, dry paint tins can be recycled in the yellow recycling bin.



Enviro Tec SE Pty Ltd

Phone: 08 8762 4719

Mobile: 0427 093519


14 Brighton Drive, Naracoorte SA 5271

Office Hours:

Mon-Fri:  8.30am – 4.30pm

ABN:  80 108 556 314

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